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  • Beaded Valentine Sock Pattern
    $0.00 Beaded Valentine Sock Pattern
    Type a description for this product here...

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pattern
    $0.00 Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pattern
    Pattern for the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon pattern. Free download.

  • Knit this brimmed hat on the bumblebee~
    $0.00 Brimmed Hat Pattern
    This stylish hat is easy to knit on the Bumblebee.  It's stockinette with a short decrease/increase for the brim!

  • Build-A-Breast
    $0.00 Choose Options Build-A-Breast
    This pattern is for a knitted breast prothesis. Choose fun colors and embellish with buttons, beads or whatever you like.Download for free-if you are not purchasing another product, when it asks you for a credit card number,...

  • Bumblebee Bag Pattern
    $0.00 Bumblebee Bag Pattern
    Knit a bag on the Bumblebee Knitting Machine!  Stockinette stitch, Kitchener and Mattress Stitch are all the skills needed!!

  • Basic Hung Hem Hat Pattern by Jenny Deters for the Bumblebee Knitting Machine
    $0.00 Bumblebee Basic Hat Pattern
    Basic, non-ribbed hat pattern.  Hung hem.  

  • $0.00 Bumblebee Chemo Cap
    Here's a pattern for a chemo cap on the Bumblebee knitting machine.  It's also a good beanie for the millenials who wear hats all the time, even in the summer and you want to walk up to them and say, "what are you...

  • Bumblebee Hooded Scarf Pattern
    $0.00 Bumblebee Hooded Scarf Pattern
    Knit a hooded scarf on the Bumblebee knitting machine!  Skills needed are stockinette!  Very easy pattern written by Jenny Deters

  • Shrug Pattern for the Bumblebee
    $0.00 Bumblebee Shrug Pattern
    Knit a shrug on the Bumblebee.  Pattern utilizes ribbing, flat fabric and stockinette.  

  • Bumblebee Swirly Girl Hat
    $0.00 Bumblebee Swirly Girl Hat
    Try this easy hat on the Bumblebee Hat Machine!  It's great fun!

  • Companion Check List for Miss Jenny's Ribbed Sock on You Tube
    $0.00 Companion Check List for Miss Jenny's Ribbed Sock on You Tube
    Print this helpful checklist as a companion to the YouTube video of Miss Jenny's Ribbed Sock from start to finish.

  • Cuffed Crew Sock
    $0.00 Cuffed Crew Sock
    Pattern for cuffed crew sock from the Ustream broadcast on 05/02/2014.

  • $0.00 Cylinder and Ribber Combination Guide
    Written by Steve Ashton this guide will help you understand cylinder and ribber dial combinations and how to get the most use out of the cylinders and ribbers in your collection.

  • Fair Isle Heart Sock
    $0.00 Fair Isle Heart Sock
    Fair Isle Sock Pattern.

  • Flip Flop Sock Pattern
    $0.00 Flip Flop Sock Pattern
    Flip Flop Sock Pattern from USTREAM broadcast on 03/21/2014.

  • Diamond Sock Pattern
    $0.00 Free Diamond Sock Pattern
    Free Pattern Diamond Socks.

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