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  • Skinny Ribber Needles
    $50.00 Skinny Ribber Needles
    Skinny Ribber Needles for the 96 slot ribber dial ONLY.  Package of 100.  These ribber needles will not work in regular ribber dials.

  • Slotted Yarn Carrier
    $19.00 Slotted Yarn Carrier
    Brass slotted yarn carrier.  Just like the one that comes with the machine, only slotted.  For best results make a pigtail and place it under the screw that holds the yarn carrier on the machine.  

  • Table
    $145.00 Table
    Folding/Adjustable table built of custom built for Gearhart CSM's, easily adaptable for your csm. Light weight and portable, this table will fit easily into the trunk of most cars.Table top dimensions: 18" long and 12" wide...

  • Top Weight
    $12.00 Top Weight
    Top weight with groove to fit snuggly onto the weight hook-1 lbs.

  • Weight Hook with Stem Weight
    $30.00 Weight Hook with Stem Weight
    Weight hook with stem weight 2.4 lbs. 6" overall height. Color is yellow.

  • Yarn Carrier Bar Assembly
    $45.00 Yarn Carrier Bar Assembly
    The yarn carrier bar is complete with the carrier face as well as the adjustment screw. The height is adjustable to fit your vintage machine. The carrier face is brass and the bar itself is made of powder coated steel in...

  • Yarn Guide Weight
    $12.00 Yarn Guide Weight
    7 oz yarn guide weight-Dimensions are Inside Diameter 3/8" Outside Diameter 1 1/8" Height 1 3/4".

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